Overdrive Outdoors Podcast

Predator Hunter Outdoors- Paul Cianciolo

Episode Summary

This week, Kevin and Josh sit and talk with Paul Cianciolo, owner of Predator Hunter Outdoors. Since the very beginning, PHO has been a major supporter of Overdrive Outdoors. Paul talks about how he got started predator hunting, mostly chasing after fox but eventually moving into coyotes when the population started growing. Paul tells us about how his need for bright, quality lights for hunting after dark, that didn't require you to carry a car battery around, eventually led to him opening Predator Hunter Outdoors. We talk about how he has had to adapt, upgrade and make changes to his lights through the years, but also how he has needed to continue to add more products to his lineup to keep up with the steady growth of the predator hunting industry. If you haven't yet, check out www.predatorhunteroutdoors.com and THANK YOU ALL for listening!